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Over the years, being vegan is often a misunderstood lifestyle by most people in the world. The idea of not eating meat is odd for the majority since this ingredient is something irreplaceable. 

The reason why vegans do not partake in meat is because of the excessive animal killings and brutality just to harvest the part they want. This led to a group of people taking an oath that they will never eat meat again. Unfortunately, people who do not understand this practice would ridicule the whole movement.

On the bright side, numerous people are successful to share and influence others to join the vegan movement. It is becoming more relevant now that the animal farming industry is contributing lots of carbon footprint that destroys the environment. Although this is a great cause of shifting to a vegan diet, some people are lost and do not know how to begin.

That is why Veg Coast Cook is here to help you!

About Veg Coast Cook

Veg Coast Cook is an online vegan blog that aims to share the goodness and benefits of living a vegan lifestyle. It does not impose you to strictly follow every single detail, but it instead eases you slowly into the movement. Additionally, the Veg Coast Cook is here to always provide you with interesting and delicious recipes that are easy enough to prepare at home. 

How it all started

May Camille, the writer behind all of the blog articles in Veg Coast Cook, is passionate about sharing the vegan lifestyle with her friends and family. She does this by preparing amazing vegan dishes that are loved by many. From this, her loved ones motivated her to share her delicious recipes online so that a lot of people can recreate them. Consequently, May used this as the stepping stone in being an online blogger.

What you can expect from Veg Coast Cook

The moment you visit the website of Veg Coast Cook, you will be immediately greeted by pictures of mouth-watering dishes. As you browse through the website, you will see tabs that contain recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. You will never skip a meal when you start cooking with Veg Coast Cook!

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If you plan on collaborating with May Camille or just want to share your vegan experiences, you are free to do so! You can do this by sending us an email or a message to any of our social media accounts.